Athletic Programming


Many of our students express frustration with sports, feeling like athletics are not for them because of a kindergarten soccer field failure.

At The Accord School, we choose athletic opportunities for our students that are unique, team oriented, and that it’s perfectly ok to start as a middle school student. Athletics are embedded into our school day so that everyone has access. We work with the very best, caring, and dedicated local instructors to help our students become athletes for life.

Frozen Llamas Curling Program
The Accord School’s students have the opportunity to join the Frozen Llamas Curling Team through our partnership with Broomstones Curling Club in Wayland. 

The program, which runs from November to March, does far more than teach the basics of the sport. Through weekly instruction and play, students develop skills that expand far beyond the technique of throwing a 44 pound stone down a sheet of ice. Curling is a very unique sport that promotes comprehensive collaboration and listening skills, nonverbal communication, and camaraderie, especially with competitors. 

Students who curl with The Accord School develop a special sense of pride in their unique sport, and have gone on to participate in private clubs after leaving The Accord School.

Rowing Llamas Crew
This spring, we are excited to be piloting a rowing program with the Cohasset Maritime Institute. Photos and more information to follow!