Visual Art

The Accord School Visual Art program is based on the belief that the student is the artist, and that artists are thinkers, problem solvers, communicators, and makers.  Students are introduced to different art techniques through 5-10 minute demonstrations and skill builders, and learn how to develop their own art works from idea generation to finished product. By being given the opportunity to make work in which they are personally invested, we gently guide students to explore art freely, to learn how to experiment and fail, and to find their own way to communicate visually.

In our Visual Art program, students will:

  • Engage in two hours of art per week

  • Choose to work in a number of art learning centers including drawing, painting, fiber arts, printmaking, clay, 3D construction, and others based on student interest

  • Connect and respond to important historical and contemporary art through the practice of Visual Thinking Strategies

  • Work independently and collaboratively

  • Build a personal portfolio

  • Exhibit their work in a school-wide art show


It is common to hear students say things like "I'm not good at art," or "I hate art” because they may negatively compare their work to others’ or they may not have been encouraged to approach art playfully. At The Accord School, we strive to provide an open and accepting environment in which students are supported while taking artistic risks.  Students who once were consigned to copying teacher-designed art projects learn how to draw from their own thoughts and experiences to make art that is meaningful and unique to them. Our community takes pride in our annual Art Show because it truly is a celebration of the diverse skills, interests, and growth of every student.