We are currently reviewing applications for students entering grades 5-8 for the 2019-20 school year. While we serve students through 9th grade, we do not accept new 9th graders.

Applying to an independent school can feel like a daunting process. Our goal is to make applying to The Accord School as simple and transparent as possible.  Additionally, we are not motivated to encourage applications that are not likely to have a positive outcome (in other words, we aren't big on sending out rejection letters). To avoid this outcome, we guide families through a multi-step application process that helps both parents and school officials determine if The Accord School could be a strong fit:

  1. Initial Inquiry. 
    Email our executive assistant, Julie Roman, to express interest in applying to The Accord School. Julie will take down basic information, and will answer initial questions to help determine if The Accord School could be the right fit.

  2. Parent Visit to The Accord School.  
    Schedule a parents only visit through our website or with Julie. During the visit, parents will: meet with The Accord School staff, tour the building, visit classes, and meet our students. Parents are not required, but should feel free to bring along any documentation (report cards, IEP, 504, testing) that might help us determine if The Accord School could be a fit. 

  3. Student Visit to The Accord School.
    We invite students into our building only after it has been determined by their family, possibly with guidance from The Accord School staff, that we could be a strong match. Experience has taught us that prospective students often feel very safe and comfortable in our building, and we only want them to experience this sense of belonging if attending The Accord School is a real possibility. This visit is arranged with Julie Roman.

  4. Complete Application for Admissions. 
    Students and their Family complete our online application for admissionsPrior to completion, families will be prompted to create an account in TADS, our student management system.The application provides an opportunity for families to help us go into detail about their child's personality, learning style, interests, strengths, and areas for growth. It is important that parents let their child submit an authentic application. Please do not over-edit or "shine-up" your child's writing. We appreciate the opportunity to  have a baseline of their genuine writing style at admission time so that students can reflect on their individual growth when they transition to high school.

  5. Endure a Brief Wait for Feedback. 
    We understand that waiting for news, especially about something as important as school, can be agonizing. We aim to respond to all applications within a two-week window. In the unusual event that we progress through to the application stage of the process and discover that The Accord School is not the right fit, we will provide thoughtful referrals to other school programs.

Julie is best reached via email at Phone: 781-204-0030