We believe that meaningful learning happens when students are immersed in a dynamic, adaptable environment that honors scientific curiosity, artistic exploration and appreciation, movement, nature, written and spoken communication, reading for knowledge and pleasure, understanding of others and self, and technology.  This multi-disciplinary approach allows for a personalized approach to education is rooted in student strength, interest, and personal motivation.

At The Accord School, we believe that the teacher-student relationship is essential in getting students to engage in their learning.  

The average class size at The Accord School is 7 students, so that teachers get to know each student very well and the teacher-student relationships flourish. Teachers listen to students, in and out of the classroom, to carefully select projects, assignments, and teaching style that will interest and engage the students, and set them up to succeed.   As students become engaged in their learning and take academic ownership, they work towards the ultimate goal of independent learning. Engaged learners ask questions, and our classroom environments are safe spaces where students can do that. While much of the work we do is project-based, there are also some tests and quizzes in class, as well as a standardized academic growth assessment given three times throughout the year so we can track student progress.

Our students have all of the typical academic classes that their peers in traditional schools take:

  • Humanities

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Spanish

In addition to their academic classes, all students participate in a comprehensive visual arts program, engage in movement class, develop skills in an academic support block and a weekly social education group, explicitly learn personal organizational skills, work at Holly Hill Farm weekly, learn STEM through STEM Cell Robotics, and enjoy music education through South Shore Conservatory.