All the Spanish classes at The Accord School are designed to prepare students to communicate effectively in Spanish in a variety of authentic situations. We want our students to become better communicators, using Spanish as a new vehicle to express themselves.

We encourage students to use language in all forms: speaking, reading, writing, and listening, and we strive to create an environment where students feel comfortable taking chances with their new language skills. Active participation and constant practice are essential to success in learning a language! We also guide students to develop their own personalized strategies to become better communicators.   

In each class students learn Spanish through a blend of cultural experiences, instruction, and interactive activities to maximize their learning potential, while enjoying a fun and engaging atmosphere.  In our Spanish program students will:

  • interpret a variety of authentic Spanish texts such as teen magazines, recipe books, online sites, and then work on developing strategies for reading these real-life documents.

  • view Spanish commercials, music videos, and movies and then reflect on different cultural practices in a variety of individual, pair or group activities.

  • learn the Macarena, Merengue, or Salsa, as music and dance are a regular part of our program.

  • plan trips to Spanish-speaking countries by researching airfare, transportation, restaurants, cultural activities, and then create a detailed itinerary for their “visit.”

  • go shopping via Spanish online sites to plan wardrobes or packing lists for their various travels.

  • host a fashion show in which they model outfits and comment on clothing and fashion trends.

  • research, shop for, and prepare a meal, using authentic recipes from the Spanish-speaking world.

  • conduct a Taste Test of different salsas or tortillas, or other food items.

  • play Dominoes, Uno, and other card or board games using all Spanish.

We hope the study of Spanish language and cultures will inspire students to explore the world around them, and better understand or appreciate other cultures’ points of view, ways of life, and contributions.