Student Activities


Years of working with young adolescents at The Accord School have taught us the importance of teaching "soft skills," the often invisible code of conduct we are all expected to just understand.

We find that while social education groups are invaluable for teaching the hidden rules explicitly, the best way to move kids toward mastery of these skills is to put them in the position for purposeful, guided practice, early and often. 

We have been using social outings to teach soft skills to our own students for years, and given the success with the transference of skills, have decided to open them up to other South Shore students in grades 3-6.

Think about the hidden skills required for a child to enjoy a typical "night out" with a group of friends- maybe a trip to Whole Foods for dinner and then to play a few rounds of laser tag:

  • Negotiating a grocery store

  • Decision making

  • Money handling and management

  • Conversation over a meal

  • "In public" table manners

  • Cleaning up for the next person coming into the space

  • Traveling in a group in a large van

  • Waiting your turn

  • Coping with equipment malfunction

  • Winning and losing

  • Leaving a preferred activity with grace

Our outings teach kids to notice and understand, then practice, in a real-life setting, "social whys" with guidance. The magic is in the presentation- kids work hard on their social skills during a night out- but don't even notice because they are having so much fun. It's kind of like the social version of hiding pureed veggies in pizza sauce. 

See our calendar for an updated list of upcoming activities!

The Accord School Annual Dance
Every spring, our school puts on a traditional school dance for our students.

Our dance is known to be the friendliest school dance on the South Shore- where kids feel free to dance with friends and enjoy themselves without worrying about what other people think. We open the dance to adolescents from middle and high schools across the South Shore, and draw quite the turn out!

To view photos of the 2019 school dance, please click the links below:

CFS Spring Dance 2019: Photo Booth
CFS Spring Dance 2019: Dance Floor