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Humanities at The Accord School studies the breadth and experience of human culture and experience across time. Students interact with the events of our collective past and connect it to our modern world. Through the study of people, places, time and choice, students are able to understand the decisions that their actions have in order to make guiding decisions for their future.

The classroom is not static, instead it allows students to interact with material in a variety of approaches, ensuring that individual learning styles and preferences are met on a daily basis. The traditional classroom is reversed to put students at the center of their own learning through small projects, creative exercises, presentations and collaborative learning.

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Topics of the humanities curriculum include:

  • United States History I

  • United States History II

  • World History

  • Ancient Civilizations

  • Civics and Economics

Collaborative and cross-curricular activities are a driving force to the humanities curriculum. Connections to art, language, literature and science occur on a daily basis to deliver a holistic view human culture. Students are made responsible for their own learning, and supported while they explore their own curiosities.