Faculty & Staff

Katy Boucher
Founding Director


Katy founded The Accord School as a caring, connected learning community that sees and values students for who they are- then helps them grow into the best they can be. Prior to The Accord School, Katy spent a decade leading Skills for Living, a social education center that inspired change in the way social skills are taught. She is certified school counselor, and began her career in the Norwell Public Schools. Katy received her undergraduate degree in Education and Psychology from Stonehill College and her Masters in Counseling from Southern Connecticut State University. Katy is a local and national speaker and consultant on topics related to social education, and has been recognized as one of the South Shore’s 40 under 40. Katy has two children Tyler and Jennie. She brings their golden doodle, Cody, to school most days.

Meg Coffey
Science Teacher


Meg is creative in her approach to education. She teaches science from many different angles to help her students succeed. She has an engaging sense of humor that her students enjoy, while simultaneously holding her in the highest esteem. Her classes are energetic and empowering. If her students begin the year saying they aren’t good at science, they leave feeling that it is one of their best subjects. Meg taught middle school in the Norwell Public Schools for over ten years. Meg received both her undergraduate degree in Education and her Masters in Special Education from Boston College. She is the mother of five children, ranging in age from middle school to college.

Amy Feldman
Business Manager


Amy Feldman oversees all of the important but often invisible aspects of The Accord School. Amy is generally the person families work with around all things financial. Amy likes working with numbers and figuring things out. and coordinates with all outside agencies. While she generally can be found in the front office, Amy enjoys being around the energy of the The Accord School kids and the staff, and is not afraid to jump in and help- most notably with driving students to and from the farm in our 15-passenger van. Around school, students and staff enjoy Amy’s witty sense of humor. She is a very proud member of the Chapman Farm School Bucket Band. Prior to The Accord School, Amy worked at Skills for Living and Fidelity Investments. She is a graduate of George Washington University and is the mom of three boys.

Donna Furtado
Administrative Assistant


Donna Furtado keeps things moving at The Accord School. She is the first voice most families hear when calling The Accord School, and remains a friendly and supportive presence for each student and family member long after admission. A natural caretaker, Donna has a long history in the healthcare and healing industry. Most recently, Donna has been working in massage therapy, specifically manual lymphatic drainage. At The Accord School, Donna is quick to find an ice pack, a band-aid, or be a calm steady ear for anyone who needs her. Donna is mom to three children, one who attends The Accord School.

Marisa Garman


Marisa Garman approaches world language education with an infectious joy that inspires her students and colleagues to naturally respond to her in Spanish both inside and outside of the classroom. Bilingual from birth, Marisa’s family hails from Puerto Rico, and is involved in her teaching on a regular basis. It is not unusual to see Marisa’s mom, “Abuelita” to many, singing songs in the classroom or her husband stringing up a piñata for a celebration. When not at The Accord School, Marisa is a freelance editor of Spanish textbooks- but her classroom culture jumps off the pages of a textbook and touches students’ lives in a meaningful way. Marisa received her undergraduate degree in Spanish from the College of the Holy Cross and her Masters in Multilingual and Multicultural Education from the Florida State University. Marisa is the proud mom of two young adults.

Lisa Grize


Lisa Grize shows every student that they are, indeed, an artist. Using an approach called “Teaching for Artistic Behavior, Lisa’s art room is unlike any students have experienced prior to coming to The Accord School. Lisa values expression in all forms, and empowers students to learn technique, then create with free choice. Many of her students come in believing they are “not good at art,” and leave understanding the many ways that they communicate through art. Confidence grows in Lisa’s room. Lisa is a mom to two children, Will and Veronica. She supports them in their many endeavors- from enthusiastically attending baseball games, going fishing and boat shows for hours on end, and creating incredible original costumes for Anime and Comic Conventions all over the Northeast and beyond. Lisa received her undergraduate degree in art and graphic design from Western Connecticut State University.

Elizabeth Hall Couture


Liz makes math accessible for kids. Whether they are advanced beyond their years or have a history struggling with the basics, Liz takes great care to familiarize herself with a student’s skills and gaps. She understands when to move kids to the next level, and knows when they just need a bit longer on a concept. Liz’s math class is a place of support and encouragement. Students work both collaboratively and at their own pace using a variety of mutltisensory modalities and methods. In addition to teaching math, Liz creates most of the beautiful graphics for The Accord School. Liz grew up on the South Shore and received her undergraduate degree from Bridgewater State University. She enjoys hiking with her husband and spending time with her son, Declan.

Maureen Kramer
Student & Family Support


Maureen Kramer serves a critical role at The Accord School- yet ask any one of her students, and they will describe it differently- “Maureen helps me stay organized.” “She helps me manage my emotions.” “Maureen helps me stay on track and do my best.” “Maureen takes us to the farm and makes sure I have a snack.” Every student would be correct- Maureen does a bit of everything. With the trained eye of a nurse and the heart of a mother, Maureen notices each student every single day. She meets them where they are at, and helps them grow. She works with families to see their students’ strengths and push them to work harder when they have reached a threshold of opportunity. Maureen holds a BS from St. Michael’s College and a nursing degree from Boston College. She has worked as a nurse in multiple settings including Boston Children’s Hospital. She is trained in multiple holistic approaches including Reiki and Craniosacral therapy. Maureen is mom to two young adults, Molly and Ryan.

Jen Murray
Language Arts & Learning Specialist

DSC_0006 (2).JPG

Jen Murray combines a strong background in individualized instruction with a passion for helping students want to be their best. In her dual role at The Accord School, Jen helps identify and interpret individual student strengths and weaknesses, while working across the curriculum to differentiate instruction and help students grow to their potential. Jen understands each student’s approach to organization and executive function, and works building-wide with academic teachers to streamline homework and organization processes. In Language Arts class, Jen works with students as individuals and in small groups to build and refine their reading and communication skills. Prior to coming to The Accord School, Jen worked in leadership at Lindamood Bell and with the Department of Children and Families in educational advocacy and consultation. Jen is a graduate of Bridgewater State University, where she earned a degree in Special Education, with a concentration in Communication Disorders. Jen grew up in Rockland, where she currently resides with her husband and three active and inquisitive young children, one who struggles with a learning disability.

Ann Savino
School Counseling & Social Education


Ann Savino brings humor, compassion, and creativity into every interaction she has with students, staff, and parents at The Accord School. Ann leads social groups both during the school day for students and after school in our extension programs. She’s not afraid to teach on the fly- some of her best work has happened in a 15-passenger van, on a high ropes course, or behind a karaoke microphone. Ann understands that in order for social learning to stick, we can’t take our teaching too seriously- and students love Ann’s groups because they are fun. Prior to The Accord School, Ann worked as a school counselor in the Weymouth Public Schools and as a social educator at Skills for Living. Ann earned her undergraduate degree from Merrimack College and her Masters in Education from Harvard University. When not at school, she enjoys travel adventures in her VW van with her husband, and visiting her young adult children in Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

Andrew Schmid


While the foundation of Andrew Schmid’s humanities class is in traditional social studies, he also weaves in art and literature to teach his students how the human experience is connected across disciplines. Andrew’s students love his class. It is a place where they know beyond a doubt that their voice is heard and their knowledge and opinions are valued. Andrew received his undergraduate degree in Social Studies Education from Boston University and his graduate degree from Fitchburg State University. He lives in Quincy with his fiancee.